• Strengthening and activating coordination, exchange and partnership between all Arab parliamentary councils through the committees concerned with population issues and contributing to the crystallization of a holistic approach for a better understanding and a more successful treatment of population issues and challenges in the Arab countries.
  • Transfer and localization of population knowledge: conceptual and methodological in the field of international and Arab experiences and innovations, and seeking intensive employment of this knowledge and experiences in national and regional Arab population policies.
  • Contribute to capacity building, including (national population councils/committees) in the areas of developing population policies and in the areas of empowering youth with tools, methodologies, skills, data analysis, extracting indicators and how to use them to develop appropriate population policies.
  • Strengthening the specialized regional parliamentary dialogue and targeted inductive activities and diversifying and updating the publication and awareness media in a way that supports joint Arab action, and what makes the political decision to implement the decisions of the Arab and international conferences on population and development
  • Strengthening and developing regional, general and specialized databases, and their rapid and continuous updating, with direct participation with data makers in the Arab countries, in order to meet the needs of decision makers, researchers, and those interested in the population with accurate and up-to-date data at the required speed.
  • Seeking to integrate population issues into Arab development policies